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Wooden touch screen

This project is a combination of wooden surface, smart LED lights, and touch technology created by the industrial designer and street artist Oren Ailam

The idea behind it was to create a control panel without using screens

Our life is full of screens. In our pocket, in our office, houses, refrigerator and more

We can’t  ignore iit but we can control it. And design it to our needs in order

That's where the idea to combine wood and touch  screen came from

With infrared technology. The wood panel is actually a full 32 inches touch panel.

The date float from the sensors to the controller the reveal the LED light through to wood surface but more important, it also let them disappear completely.


The working process includes two programmers, and the key to success was to make the communication between them through product design.

One of them made the code that controls the LED lights and the other worked on the touch technology algorithm. Ailam had to understand how one code influence the other, but more important, to define the user experience, that was the main challenge and influenced the code, the working with the materials and the technology decisions.  

Together , they created a smart controller that doesn't add more screens to our life, and bring back the warm feeling of just wood that we miss so much in this days.


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